Thursday, April 14, 2011

45 Day Challenge

Summers nearly here...

I have been "dabbling" with a primal/paleo diet for a few months now while my injuries were healing. My body is ready to take it to the next level and I'm mentally prepared as well.

All my major lifts are nearly at identical levels post surgeries and breaks. One area that has far exceeded my previous fitness level was my core. This focus has erased any low back issues I was suffering from and I need to apply that philosophy to the rest of my physical well being.

I will document every meal, all liquids consumed, supplementation and workouts. I have my reservations about a 100% Crossfit approach to fitness because it lacks "standard theory" periodization but before I judge completely, I should first commit.

So Crossfit it is. 45 days...or until June 3rd. I will photoblog my progress or lack of progress as well as document any issues with WOD's..because I am still healing from tendon surgery, tears and breaks from a skiing 'mishap', a few of the exercises used in crossfit cannot be accomplished because the body just won't do them yet..

I launch April 18th...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Worried about what you eat?

Lighten up on yourself. Progress by definition means a gradual change. You won't wake up tomorrow with wash board abs and an underwear modeling contract so stop punching yourself in the neck every time you stand in the pantry and drool over the 'Chicken in a Biscuit' box.

The first thing you need to realize is, if you "go on a diet" you are almost guaranteed to fail. Getting a healthy body on the inside and out cannot be achieved on a "90 day/4 dress size" approach to eating right. 
You need to make complete and lasting changes. Start small and change slowly but change permanently.

A few rules to remember.

1. Starving yourself makes you fat. Eating less does not = smaller waist.
2. Carbs aren't bad for you. Moderation and restraint are the words for the day.
3. Stoking the fire = more heat. (Minnesota shout out!) Same principal for your metabolism. Feed the machine regularly to keep the engine working. This will aid in fat burning.
4. Do some research on what different foods do for the body. Eat those foods that do for you what your body needs.

Many different paths to follow when nutrition is a concern. I have followed nearly all of the diet fads at some point in the last 15 years and found great success in a few, no success in most and realization that the final answer has always been a lifestyle change and not a crash diet.

Most people don't know where to start.

Thats where I can help.

One more rep,



Posted current meal information as I consume it. I enjoy the benefits of paleo/primal diet but I choose not to follow it exactly. I do use whey protein powder in the morning and in the evening and I find that works well for me. Besides the multiple benefits of whey protein supplementation, it also works because of the hectic schedule in our house.

I also posted the workout I completed this morning. Follow along if you like or hit me up for exercises to substitute with if you dont have the needed gear I use for my workouts. The most important aspect is to get out and do something. Your fitness and health is not ensured by the amount of money you spend on gear but rather your desire to change.

30 minutes a day is all you need and I can show you how..


Sunday, April 10, 2011


First official blog post for the new page. To get everyone caught up...

I am currently healing from a flurry of injuries that started December 2010. Torn left biceps tendon, broken right fibia and torn soleus. I'll post the video's soon.

I have been battling the iron since 1995 and have incorporated a variety of training and nutrition into this battle. This blog will document the fight.

I have four children who compete in soccer, track, basketball and football and we are going full speed year round. You'll see more of them later.

Fitness and nutrition is a lifestyle, not a hobby and motivation is created not birthed. Some days are born of hard work with zero gains and others explode forward but everyday is worth it and not a single day passes that I cannot give thanks to my family, friends and fitness.

1 more rep...