Thursday, February 9, 2012

Week 6


385 still


365 to the Bucket
430 to the Bench


425 still

Did 385 X 15 on Deads to destroy every last muscle fiber in existence.

Should be a murderous weekend.

I'll update my runs soon.


SFC Justin Cole


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fitness Thoughts..

I'm 15 lbs away from a 400/400/400 Olympic total. Personal best for me anyway its viewed but for my size (230lbs) not the best. I still have some technical issues with each lift I'm dialing in but very soon, it'll be a reality.

What I haven't dialed in is my nutrition. I still have a sloppy approach to calorie consumption..especially on those days that my career has me making moves happen without 10 minutes of down time in 10 hours.

I'll take it a week at a time, eating raw foods when possible, unseasoned cooked meats, beans and athletic greens. Not a diet but a shift in food consumption. I'll continue to post any changes in the workout as well as weight and food struggles (it will be a struggle).

232lbs this morning.
Rest Day

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